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Barbara Buckett | Director

Barbara is a senior law practitioner, widely acknowledged as a leading interpreter of employment law.

After 30 years of dealing with unproductive conflict arising out of employment relationship problems, Barbara decided to use her experience in a more positive way and created Integrity Incorporated.  She believes in today’s tough recruitment and retention climate, organisations need to strengthen the loyalty and sense of belonging between themselves and their employees.

Barbara’s development of Integrity arose out of the philosophy that prevention is better than cure and recognition that the only sustainable and effective compliance risk management schemes are those that enlist employee support.  The inspiration for the idea came from Barbara’s understanding through her work as an employment lawyer that over 90% of problems arise through poor or inadequate communication, lack of knowledge or lack of understanding. This is a theme currently being picked up by the Employment Court in the evolution of its jurisprudence under the Employment Relations Act.

For Barbara, information and communication are powerful avenues for managing relationships and avoiding dispute. She believes that when people are empowered with knowledge, awareness and understanding, they are more likely to align with the culture and operation of the work environment and make sound, quality decisions.  Integrity is about helping staff and management feel comfortable and familiar with information, to imbue them with sense of confidence so they can make good judgement calls using that information. Integrity is about turning organisational information into working knowledge and breathing life into it.

Integrity is proud of the product it has developed.  By using top New Zealand legal and HR practitioners, Integrity has developed a product specifically for the New Zealand organisation operating within the New Zealand legislative, commercial and employment framework.

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