Integrity Incorporated

About Integrity

Integrity is:

  • The interactive e-learning and compliance solution
  • The result of nearly 60 years of combined HR and employment law experience

diagramWe provide:

Health Check

  • Current policies and processes are comprehensively checked against legal requirements and leading practice, and updated and enhanced as appropriate
  • Policy consistency is ensured


  • Policies and processes are converted into online modules
  • Content is loaded onto a secure web-based system


  • Employees test their knowledge of policies and processes, and undertake online training and self assessment
  • Best practice becomes the norm; progress can be traced and success is transparent


  • Employees' results are recorded; reports are generated


  • Key legislative changes and significant case law are regularly reported and incorporated into the online system

Quality Assurance

  • Integrity Incorporated's unique, ISO-related identifier is applied to your organisation


Integrity integrates policy training, monitoring and quality assurance

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